Fridgg is...

Open to everyone

It is free to sign up for Fridgg, so anyone can join.

Plus, we accept photos from anyone. Yes, anyone.

You can be a food photographer, food blogger, or even just someone who likes taking pictures of food.

All we ask is that you upload the photos that you have taken of food, that you think are beautiful.

Seriously, those are the only rules:

  • They have to be your photos, not somebody else's.
  • They have to be of food - after all, this is a food photography site!

Controlled by YOU

YOU are in charge of which photos get to the front page.

Once you sign up, there are several ways to "vote" for the recently uploaded photos you think are best.

  • a photo if you think it's awesome.
  • Leave comments to connect with the person who uploaded the photo.
  • Share photos on so even more people can see them.

Your personal portfolio

If you're a food photographer or food blogger, what better way to show off your work than your own personal food photography portfolio?

Upload a profile picture, fill out your contact info, and add a bio, then use your profile to show off all your best work.

You can always follow other users from their profile page or any of their photo pages, so you can stay up to date with what they're posting.


Plus, every now and then we'll add an Easter Egg somewhere on the site... see if you can find them!

(Here's a hint - check out our 404 page for an easy one to get you started!)

Most importantly, Fridgg was built for YOU.

We're constantly adding more features and building out Fridgg, so we want to know what YOU want to see on the site! If you have any suggestions - anything at all! - you can email us at and we'll take your suggestion into consideration.