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Allison Day

Coconut Bavarois, Coffee Ice Cream, Thai Basil, Peanut Croquant, Chicory

This was our absolute favorite dish of the night.

A creamy layer of coconut bavarois filled the bottom of the cup, so each bite included some of it. Although I'm generally not a huge fan of coconut, I loved this, and thought it was a perfect base for the dessert. The dollop of coffee ice cream on top accented the coconut perfectly, and the crunchy chicory tasted like a crumbled chocolate wafer. Very good.

I'm not a huge fan of basil. In fact, normally, I can't stand basil. But that little green dot of some sort of basil gel... was AMAZING. I absolutely loved it... and wished there was more. Although it sounds like an odd sort of thing to put in a dessert, it went incredibly well with the coconut and coffee flavors. This was absolute genius.

The basil seeds (those little round things that look like fish eggs) didn't do much for the dish aside from add an interesting visual accent. I've had them before in Vietnamese dishes, so the inclusion makes sense - it adds a sense of exotic, without adding weird flavors that might be *too* exotic for some.

The peanut croquant, however, I could have done without. It was far too rich, and added a heaviness to an otherwise light dish. By the end of the meal we were definitely starting to feel full (it had been a very spread out meal), so the heavy croquant was just too much. I couldn't eat more than a bite of it, though I finished the rest of the dessert.