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Baja Burger from Umami Burger

We decided to go to Umami Burger to celebrate Allison's birthday this past weekend, because we'd never been before.

We went to the one in Hermosa Beach - we always enjoy walking down Pier Avenue, though on a Saturday night it is unfortunately filled with bar-goers and people trying to push their products.

Allison got the Umami Burger - she decided that since it was our first time there, we should try the burger they're known for. Since we tend to share when we eat out, I went with a burger that's only available at the Hermosa Beach location - the Baja Burger.

On the menu it is described as a fish taco re-imagined as a burger, and that's a perfect description. All the best things about a fish taco - the crispy batter around soft fish, the crunchy coleslaw, the flavorful salsa - were in this burger, all surrounded by a buttery bun.