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The Australian Pavlova

I am somewhat nervous that my naming this recipe ‘Australian Pavlova’ may be slightly controversial. Why? Because both we Aussies and our close neighbours the Kiwi’s (from New Zealand) claim the Pavlova as our own...

According to Culture Trip in their article titled “The History of Australia and New Zealand’s Sweetest Rivalry, The Pavlova” The New Zealand story goes that during Anna’s visit in 1929, a chef at the Wellington Hotel was said to be inspired by her tutu, creating this ‘billowy dessert’ in her honour. Featuring a meringue with marshmallowy-insides with cream and slices of kiwifruit on top. And the Australian is that was invented at a hotel in Perth, Australia. The dessert was declared by a diner to be 'as light as Pavlova'; as a result, the chef named the dessert, Pavlova.

But I do believe that Food52 sums it up perfectly in their blog post titled “The Dessert Australians and New Zealanders Are Squabbling Over” Where they declare that both Australians and New Zealanders may be wrong as to the Pavlovas origins.. WHAT!? Apparently, the most recent research, by Dr. Andrew Paul Wood and Annabelle Utrecht (a New Zealander and an Australian, respectively), suggests that the true pavlova has roots in Germany and America!!