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Lime and Mango Curd Tarts

Recipe collab with Local Pantry Co.

I am so honoured to be working with some of the gorgeous produce from Local Pantry Co, when I was first asked to look through the store and pick some items I’d like to play with, these Artisan Cordials by Small Batch Food Company caught my eye immediately. With flavour combo’s like Pear and Wild Hibiscus, Granny Smith Apple and Ginger, Yuzu and Rosemary, Passionfruit and Lemongrass, Raspberry and Pomegranite, and of course Mango and Kiffir Lime, I just knew I could have so much fun with them! Plus, they’re made in Melbourne with 100% Australian ingredients, and I LOVE that! Cordials can be so versatile in baking, you can use them to poach fruit, create a syrup, jelly, flavour pretty much any cake be it baked or not, or to make gorgeous curds like we have today. I must say I am so pumped to be working with Local Pantry Co on this Lime and Mango Curd Tart recipe. Our collaboration was organised through a mutual friend, then turns it out that we also have a mutual family member, small world hey!?