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Whisky Marmalade and Thyme Dumplings

This recipe draws inspiration from soo many places, I’ve made the more common and very popular Brown Sugar Dumplings before, and they were just divine, but today I felt like something with a more complex a flavour than just… well… sugar, and so these gorgeous whisky marmalade dumplings were born! Firstly, a massive amount of inspiration was drawn from the Orange and Whisky Naturally Berry jam that I fell in love with at Higher Society Eatery a few months back. Secondly, a creation that was baked for us when we last visited the gorgeous Pauline Rance, Jam Rollies, pastry parcels filled with fruit and then stewed in a mixture of water and jam in the oven. AND Thirdly, a post I stumbled across on Instagram. I feel awful, but for the life of me I can’t remember whose recipe it was or exactly what the recipe was, but I know it utilised citrus and herbs! I was shocked, I’d never tried to use herbs in a sweet dessert before, so I left a comment and was promptly informed that I simply MUST try it, that herbs really elevate the citrus notes, and so… here I am, trying it!