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Applesauce Cookies

The apple sauce and cinnamon combo just made this applesauce cookie dough irresistible, but you know what… it tasted even better baked! gasp I know, I’ve never said that about ANY cookie before, especially a butterless cookie! Usually the cookie dough is where it’s AT! But not with these, the cookie dough is great, but once that apple sauce has baked the aroma is intoxicating and every little bite tastes like apple pie! They’re the perfect balance between soft and fluffy, the perfect blend of apple and cinnamon and the crunchy icing sugar crust is just the icing on the ‘cookie’. Of which was a last second addition to this cookie actually, my original batch turned out soo sticky because of the apple sauce and sugar, that they stuck to the baking paper and were just an unpleasant texture, so I thought, I know, I’ll roll them in icing sugar so they don’t stick. and voila! They magically transformed into crinkle cookies, which was just the most perfect little accident. Eating cookie dough was my favourite part of baking when I was kid, as an adult, it’s these happy accidents that put a smile on my face (and the cookie dough too).