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Apple and Rhubarb Baked Rice Pudding

This baked rice pudding recipe was born when my good friend Sarah came over for dinner/dessert (we know which one she was really here for…) I had been craving rice pudding, but she was on a strict dairy-free diet, and so I accepted the challenge, a dairy-free rice pudding! I remembered my dad telling me once (who is also dairy-free) that when he orders coffee he gets half almond milk and half coconut milk because it tastes so much better than either by themselves, and with that knowledge at hand I set out to find the perfect ratio. Not too bland, but not too coconutty, and for future reference it seems that roughly a 2/3 almond milk to 1/3 coconut milk/cream ratio works a charm. But honestly, you wouldn’t guess that this baked rice pudding is dairy-free, it’s rich, it’s creamy, it’s all the things that a good baked rice pudding should be! So even if you’re not dairy-free (I’m not) I’m telling you right now, it’s not missing it, but if you’re really dubious about baking dairy-free, see the notes for the full cream milk substitution.

When I originally created this recipe back in 2018, Sarah and I had eaten 90% of it before I thought to take a recipe photo, so this baked rice pudding recipe was in desperate need of a re-shoot and what better time to bake a coconut rice pudding than in the middle of Winter, and amidst our apple feature.