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A place for food

Fridgg is a community of food photographers, food bloggers, and food lovers. Whether you're a professional food photographer, a hobby food blogger, or someone who just plain likes food, Fridgg has something for you.

Fridgg is a place to share delicious-looking photos of food. It's a place to discover new blogs, new recipes, and lots of inspiration for your own cooking and photography.

Open to everyone

Anybody can create an account, and start uploading photos right away! You don't have to be a professional photographer, and you don't have to be a food blogger. You just need to have a passion for food.

And if you don't want to submit anything, that's fine too - we have tons of great food photography that you can drool over, and all sorts of users who are just waiting for you to discover their blogs.

Don't be afraid to show off

You've got great food photos, so show them off! We work hard to ensure Fridgg makes your photos look even more amazing. From a beautiful profile page made for showing off your work, to awesome photo pages that bring out the best in your photography, Fridgg is designed with your photos in mind.

The power is in your hands

In order to bring you the best pictures, we don't rely on the subjective opinion of one person - we let you and your peers decide which photos you think look the best or sound the most delicious, and vote by checking out each other's photos, liking them, and leaving comments.

Then, based on your activity, the Fridgg algorithm determines which photos should be featured on the front page. Everybody has a vote, and every photo has a chance to get to the front page of Fridgg.

A community who cares about you

Fridgg is all about food, made for the people who love food, by people who really love food.

We have an amazing community, filled with food lovers who are welcoming and inclusive. From liking your photos to leaving comments about how great that dish looks, our community wants you to be a part of the Fridgg family too.

For foodies, by foodies

Allison Day

Allison Day

One half of the brains that brought you Fridgg. Programmer, food blogger, ballet dancer, and the kind of person who makes sushi for a potluck. Find out more on her website, or find her on Fridgg, Instagram or Twitter.

Phu Son Nguyen

Phu Son Nguyen

The other half of the brains that brought you Fridgg. Designer, programmer, photographer, video gamer, wok master, and maker of the best scrambled eggs you ever will eat. Find out more on his website, or find him on Fridgg or Instagram.