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Cherimoyas for breakfast in Vietnam

The fruit in Vietnam is unbelievable. Fresher and sweeter than anything you can find in the US, it would be a shame not to gorge yourself on fresh fruit, while there.

From watermelon (Allison must have eaten at least twice her weight in watermelon during our month-long trip) to longans, super-sweet bananas to the freshest, best durian you will ever eat (even if you think you hate durian, you MUST try it if you're ever in Vietnam), the fruit is unbelievable. We ate it for breakfast, we ate it for snacks, we ate it for dessert. We just could not get enough of it.

These cherimoyas are a good example of the amazing fruit there. Known as "ice cream fruit" for it's texture and incredible flavor, it's great both on its own and in smoothies.

Mike 2 years ago

Those look like they've been toasted... is that the natural color of them? Do you eat them just out of hand, like apples/bananas/etc, or is there a way to prepare 'em? I've seen 'em at the international grocery near here, but haven't tried 'em yet.

phuson 1 year ago

That's the natural appearance of them. To eat them, you peel off the outer skin, which reveals a cluster of white fruits inside. You can eat the white part, just be careful of the large black seed inside each of them. It's also really good in smoothies (like this: http://anhsfoodblog.com/2013/01/…). I don't know of any other preparations where they're cooked, or anything like that. I haven't tried any from stores in the US, but if they're anything like the quality we had in Vietnam, they should be really enjoyable. :)