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Friday Fridgg Favorites

{photo credit: Noshing With The Nolands}

a few of my favorite things on Fridgg this week:

love the flavors of this {The Spiced Life}

totally into this ice cream {Worth Whisking}

these polenta fries look so delicious {Create Mindfully}

i’m all for decadent banana bread {Samantha’s Kitchen Table}

adore this strawberry shortcake {What Food I Made}

eating alll the corn on the cob this summer {Homemade Hooplah}

i’d enjoy the heck out of these strawberry nutella taquitos {Oh Sweet Basil}

this homemade blueberry soda is so perfect for summer {Tikkido}

beautiful blueberry pie {Noshing with the Nolands}

love the idea of these french toast cups {Simply Stacie}

intrigued by this chile chicken with grape beer sauce {The Devil Wears Parsley}

really want to try this garlic bread spaghetti {Kitchen Sanctuary}

i love interesting ice cream flavors, like this thai basil and lemongrass ice cream {The Circus Gardener’s Kitchen}

love this photo {The Hedgecombers}

my summer definitely needs more peaches and cream milkshakes {Domestically Blissful}

these muffins look so tasty {Oh Sweet Basil}

fluffernutter. macarons. WHAT. {A Kitchen Hoor’s Adventures}

delicious-sounding vietnamese meatballs {Cooking Glory}

i’d love a slice of this matcha chia mochi cake {The Spiced Life}

definitely need to make these cashew chocolate turtles – son would love them! {Oh! Nuts}

can’t go wrong with fried cheesy things {The Circus Gardener’s Kitchen}

nutter butter icebox cake! all the yeses. {Worth Whisking}

bibimbap has totally been my jam this year {The Spiced Life}

my Friday Fridgg Favorites are a very small selection of the photos and recipes on Fridgg that I’ve loved in the past week. this is by no means an all-encompassing list of what’s awesome on Fridgg this week. take a look, and find your favorites!

do you have a favorite that I didn’t mention? let me know in the comments!

The easiest mashed sweet potato dinner (or breakfast)

Mashed sweet potato, bacon, egg

These days, my dinner prep sounds something like this:

What can I make that’s super easy, takes as little time as possible, uses up whatever random ingredients I have laying around, and is hopefully a bit healthy?

Also, I would like to please not turn on the oven, because it’s summer and already quite warm to begin with.

Most days that either ends up being a sandwich, rice + some protein from the freezer + whatever veggies we have… or cereal.

Which brings me to last night’s dinner. So easy and satisfying, I just had to tell you about it, crappy iPhone photo and lack of a proper recipe be damned.

Just a few ingredients, super easy to make, and although the bacon takes a while to bake, it still counts as quick because I didn’t have to babysit it the entire time. Also, because bacon. Worth it.


Bacon. Preheat the oven (or, in my case, toaster oven) to 400°F. Line a baking sheet with a couple of layers of aluminum foil, to make clean-up easy. Lay out the bacon strips so they’re not overlapping, cover loosely with another piece of foil (optional, but it helps prevent splatters), and bake for 30-40 min, flipping the bacon after 20 minutes. Check it at the 10- and 30-minute marks, to make sure it doesn’t burn. (It took me 40 minutes, but I was using a toaster oven, with convection heating, and had it covered in foil, so YMMV.)

Sweet potatoes. Wash, prick with a fork, microwave on high for 5-10 minutes. Let cool a bit, then scoop out flesh into a bowl and mash with a glug of heavy cream (that you just happened to have in your fridge because your mom had it leftover from making ice cream. the usual.). You could also mash it with butter or olive oil, either would work just as well.

Egg. Fry it in sesame oil (or butter or bacon fat or olive oil or…), over medium heat.

Put it all together, season with a sprinkle of salt and pepper, (add your preferred hot sauce, if you’re like Son), and enjoy!


Easy-peasy. And delicious!

Weekly Wanderings {week 22}

Dog sitting! (Or rather, dogs sitting on me.)


I’m SO not a tiramisu person. But my little brother brought me back these tiramisus from Urth Cafe, and HOLY COW THEY ARE SO GOOD.


Rain in LA means it’s the perfect time for… tofu soup! Even if it is actually kind of warm and muggy outside.

Tofu soup

And did I mention… RAIN!!!


Yesterday’s leftovers turned into today’s dinner. Pretty darn genius, if I do say so myself. :D

Leftover salmon crostini


Links I’ve loved lately:

This video about how fake plastic foods are made in Japan is REALLY cool. Watch it to the end – the cabbage BLEW. OUR. MINDS.

I kind of want one of these caravan offices. It would be kind of cool to be able to literally work from anywhere!


Friday Fridgg Favorites

{photo credit: Nikki from Tikkido}

a few of my favorite things on Fridgg this week:

rock that beet! {Crafty Cooking Mama}

all-american apple pie cupcakes {Samantha’s Kitchen Table}

fried melty cheesy deliciousness {Krumpli}

this stew sounds like comfort food! {The Spiced Life}

love these jasmine green tea macarons {Lisa’s Lemony Kitchen}

crispy potatoes for the win! {The Circus Gardener’s Kitchen}

adore the flavors in these popsicles {Cooking LSL}

can’t go wrong with cheese + potatoes + bacon {The British Menu}

this chocolate peanut butter mug cake is dangerous knowledge to have! {Sweet2Eat Baking}

adore these delicate flatbread crackers {The Circus Gardener’s Kitchen}

these savory hong kong-style crepes sound excellent {Estalystic}

watermelon may just be my favorite thing about summer {Tikkido}

chocolate and peanut butter, always and forever {Tikkido}

this tasty vietnamese tofu is definitely on my to-make list {The Circus Gardener’s Kitchen}

all over these sliders {Black Girl Chef’s Whites}

a beautifully-composed salad {The Circus Gardener’s Kitchen}

always love chinese steamed buns {Use Real Butter}

love these beautiful popsicles! {Blossom to Stem}

peach and passionfruit are perfect flavors for popsicles! {SugarHero!}

a beautiful rainbow fruit salad {Love Bakes Good Cakes}

beer-batter all the vegetables {The Circus Gardener’s Kitchen}

my Friday Fridgg Favorites are a very small selection of the photos and recipes on Fridgg that I’ve loved in the past week. this is by no means an all-encompassing list of what’s awesome on Fridgg this week. take a look, and find your favorites!

do you have a favorite that I didn’t mention? let me know in the comments!

Weekly Wanderings {week 21} {Austin edition}

This week, we headed off to Austin for a business trip.

Up, up, and away!

When you’re tired and hungry from traveling all day, having a nearby grocery store with decent premade food is the best.

Grocery store food

Our hotel was a few blocks away from the big river that runs through Austin, so we walked down there for a bit. Though the weather was warm and muggy, the breeze coming off the water made up for it.

A man and his dog
Allison at the river

A friend from high school lives and works in Austin, and her shop was very close to the offices where we were to be working. So of course, we had to stop by and visit!

Wild About Music

You’d think, being in Texas, we’d try to find some good BBQ or Tex-Mex for our first meal, right? But we wanted something light and easy, so we headed to the Thai restaurant next to our hotel.

My pad thai was really good! … but totally NOT pad thai. Ah well. Son’s fish curry was pretty tasty, although it was SUPER spicy.

Pad Thai


The next day, the client had Tex-Mex catered for lunch. Not bad!

Tex Mex working lunch

After we left the office, we headed down to the river again, and stopped by Burger Bar for a (really freaking delicious) strawberry shortcake milkshake.

We wanted to try their burgers, too, but we were meeting someone for dinner half an hour later.

Burger Bar strawberry shortcake milkshake

We ended up at Gus’s Fried Chicken for dinner.

Fried green tomatoes

Holy mother of deliciousness, this was by far the best fried chicken I’d ever tasted.

And that coleslaw! And the sweet tea!

Fried chicken

Don’t go for the mac n’ cheese, though. It was pretty gross.

Fried chicken dinner

And those fried green tomatoes were pretty darn delicious, too.

Fried green tomato

Later, I looked up Gus’s Fried Chicken online, and discovered that they’re planning on opening a location in LA soon! This is very, very exciting. I am going to eat so much fried chicken.


Another fun, delicious discovery was this Caphin Vietnamese coffee. I’m kind of obsessed – it’s really good.

I took a photo, intending to try to buy more when I got back to LA, only to find that it’s a Texas-only product.


Anybody in Texas want to ship me a case or two? :D

Ca phe su da

Lunch on our last day was BBQ from IronWorks BBQ.

Ironworks BBQ

Brisket, ribs, sausage… the works.

Texas BBQ

Good stuff!


Later, we met up with my high school friend and ended up at a Tex Mex restaurant for dinner.

Breakfast tacos!

Breakfast tacos

Son got a taco plate – al pastor, shrimp tacos, a tamale.

I was really into his guacamole… I liked it way better than the California-style guac we find here.

Tex Mex plate
Taco al pastor
Silver street performer
Allison and Tegi

Adios, Texas, see y’all next time!


Links I’ve loved lately:

This article about mixed-up twins is really interesting.

I absolutely love this blog series about sweets at Trader Joe’s. Every week I look forward to their next post about it!

This article about people in tiny houses is pretty funny.

I kind of really want to do this to my jeans. Yes, I’m *that* much of a nerd. :D

What happens when you put jell-o in an ice cream maker? The more you know. (And I totally want to try it.)


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